Oven Baked Potato Chips

Here is an excellent way to use some of those white sweet potatoes in today’s Bountiful Basket.  This recipe is for regular potatoes but the white sweet potatoes tasted so good!  I found this recipe on another blog http://www.tinyurbankitchen.com. 1 potato (I used about 4 of the sweet potatoes which covered about 2 baking sheets … Continue reading

Taste of the Valley 2011

We (we being Bob my husband, Zach my son, Courtney my daughter, Heidi my niece and Mark her husband) just got back from the Taste of the Valley at The Shops at Riverwoods and it was awesome!  For $10 you purchased a wrist band and punch card and then could go to any of 44 … Continue reading

Bountiful Basket #4

Here’s what the Bountiful Basket contained today: 1 pound strawberries 1 cantaloupe 6 peaches 6 plums 3 mangos 7 bananas 10 oz snacking tom toms 1 head Romaine 1 bunch celery 2 English cucumbers 1 bag green beans 11 yams So excited to try the new stuff this week!  If you are interested in finding … Continue reading