Beach Cupcakes

Here are the finished cupcakes decorated in the camp’s beach theme.  I frosted them with my homemade Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.  For the sand, I crushed graham crackers in my food processor and then poured them on a plate and dipped the freshly frosted cupcakes in them, rolling around gently as needed to cover the tops.  For the ocean, I used Wilton Blue Sparkling Sugar, poured it in a bowl and dipped the tops of the cupcakes in to cover.  For half ocean, half beach, just carefully dip one half of the cupcake in one and the other half of the cupcake in the other.  After the dipping, I topped them with either a paper drink umbrella, a plastic flower pick, a plastic palm tree pick or an accordion palm tree pick all of which I bought at either Zurchers or Partyland.  Yesterday I made all the shells and sea creatures using a candy mold and Wilton candy melts.  One bag of white melts made about 80 candies which was perfect because that’s about how many cupcakes I made.  So there are my beach themed cupcakes and now I need a nap!  🙂

Here are a couple of closer pictures:


4 thoughts on “Beach Cupcakes

  1. Thank You soooo Much Penny!!! Everyone LOVED the cupcakes and they turned out beyond cute! You are awesome!

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