Family Tree Family Reunion Fondant Cake

I met Kristy at the Women In Business luncheon where I made the same offer to those ladies that Courtney and I made on Facebook which is that we would love to make a cake for any of them for just the cost of ingredients so that we can keep on practicing.  Kristy talked to me after the luncheon and asked if we could make a cake for her family reunion that she had coming up and of course I said we would love to.  She needed a cake for the reunion but there were a couple of other events that would be happening at that same time as well.  One of the attendees of the reunion, a little girl, would be celebrating a birthday during the reunion and the reunion was being held at the same time as a set of grandparent’s anniversary would fall, both grandparents have passed away but the family wanted to pay tribute to them at the reunion.  Kristy wanted all those elements represented on the cake.  After talking for awhile we decided that all 3 of those events probably wouldn’t go together well on 1 cake so we decided to do 2.  This is the first to represent the reunion itself.  Kristy wanted to have a tree to represent a family tree so Courtney made this awesome tree!  This is a 10″ square White Almond Sour Cream cake covered with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and then covered in White Buttercream Fondant from Funfinity.  Cort made the tree trunk freehand and then used a mold for the branches and leaves (mold from Michaels) and I used little cutters for the letters and numbers and then finished with a yellow ribbon around the bottom.  It came out much cuter than I expected (I seem to always be underestimating our abilities which isn’t bad because then I’m always pleasantly surprised!).  Happy Reunion to the Judd family!

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