New York Yankees Father’s Day Fondant Cake

Our friend Kimber asked if we would make a New York Yankees Father’s Day cake for her husband Tyler to celebrate his very first Father’s Day.  This was another fun and different cake for us.  We made a vanilla cake (from Ann’s Poppy Seed Cake recipe subbing vanilla for yellow cake and omitting the poppy seeds), vanilla buttercream frosting and vanilla buttercream fondant from Funfinity.  Courtney cut out the Yankees logo and I did the pinstripes but we were out of room for the letters so those had to go on the platter.  We couldn’t quite get the Yankees blue because we didn’t have the right color blue and neither of us wanted to go to Michaels again since we are there almost every day and sometimes twice a day 🙂 but I still think it looks good (but then I’m not a dyed in the wool Yankees fan either).  Happy First Father’s Day Tyler!

2 thoughts on “New York Yankees Father’s Day Fondant Cake

  1. Being the huge Yankee fans that we are, my family is very jealous and loves your work on this cake! Bailey said “wow, that’s cool!”

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