Mini Flower Fondant Cake

Last cake of the weekend!  We already have 3 wedding cakes coming up this summer so we bought a new flower making kit because Courtney has some new flowers to learn how to do for some of those cakes.  She wanted to practice so when we were all done with the other cakes we put this one together for her to practice on and then she took it babysitting to the Hansens for Bentley and Meadow and Jenn (Hi Jenn!) to munch on (as you might imagine, we have plenty of cake around here and don’t really need more!).  It was a little vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and vanilla fondant which Courtney said tasted great and she is a chocolate girl like me so that’s high praise!  She did great on the flowers, the lily especially is really pretty.  She’ll be practicing more so that we can be ready for the wedding cakes!

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