Favorite Things Father’s Day Chocolate Fondant Cake

This cake was so much fun to make!  My friend Lori called to see if we would make a Father’s Day cake for her husband Derek.  She sent us a list of things that he likes and we chose what we could do to put on the cake.  He loves black licorice so we used that to line the layers and he loves peanuts but we didn’t want to put actual peanuts on the cake so we used circus peanuts to also line the layers.  He also loves Sour Patch Kids so we used those as our unifying theme on the cake, the Sour Patch Kids are doing all the things that Derek likes to do on his cake.  In the back right corner there is a tent with a SP Kid camping, in the back left corner there is a camera with a SP Kid getting his picture taken, in the front right corner is a skateboard with a SP Kid trying to stay on the skateboard, on the front left there is a bowl of chunky peanut butter with a bar of chocolate dunked in it and a SP Kid trying to climb in and then on the top there is a piano with 2 SP Kids playing chopsticks (at least that’s what they’re playing in my head!).  Derek also loves chocolate so this is a chocolate lover’s dream cake – rich cocoa cake (White Almond Sour Cream Cake recipe with lots of cocoa added), thick chocolate frosting (Vanilla Buttercream frosting recipe also with a lot of cocoa added) and then chocolate fondant from Funfinity here in Orem.  While we were making it, it all smelled so good and Cort and I just wanted to go face first in the cake!  Happy Father’s Day Derek!

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