Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

This post will be more story than recipe about these mini chocolate cupcakes, just so ya know!  🙂

Last night we had a huge fundraiser activity at our church to raise money for a big youth activity this summer.  We had a big dinner and an even bigger silent auction with all kinds of donated items.  My friend Kathy who was in charge of the dinner, along with her husband Daryl, asked me if I would be in charge of the kid’s meals, meaning would I cut up their chicken and get their baked potatoes unwrapped and cut up, basically make it so that their meals were all ready to eat when they got them.  She also said that I could do whatever I liked (if anything) to make their meals a little “special” so I thought I would make mini cupcakes and put one on each of their plates.  I went on line and found a really cute blog with a really yummy looking recipe for mini chocolate cupcakes which I printed off and proceeded to make, from scratch, and, they were awful!  They either sunk in the middle creating a crater or overflowed the top giving them a hard crunchy rim or both!  And, worse, they tasted awful too!  So I had to throw them all away and start over.  My time was limited at this point so I grabbed a chocolate cake mix, prepared it according to the package directions, baked them in my mini muffin pan, and, I’m sure you’re already ahead of me, perfection!  Perfectly shaped and delicious mini chocolate cupcakes!  So the moral of the story is that sometimes the simplest recipe is the best.

PS  I frosted them with my favorite vanilla buttercream frosting (which is already on the blog in multiple posts) tinted yellow and then sprinkled Wilton’s sprinkles on top in fun shapes such as dinosaurs, bears, cows, stars, moons, etc.

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