Valentine’s Lunch at La Jolla Groves

Bob and I went out to lunch today for an early Valentine’s celebration at La Jolla Groves, a new restaurant located in the Riverwoods.  It was awesome!  Delicious food and an inviting atmosphere which made you feel like you were dining outside in a lemon grove.   I grew up in Southern California and have been to La Jolla often and this restaurant really invoked the feel of La Jolla.  If you live near me, I highly recommend it!  Here’s how they describe their restaurant:

“The Classy New Restaurant for Insanely Delicious Food made from fresh ingredients harvested from our own local organic greenhouse.
Featuring healthier food that tastes great!”

You can check them out on Facebook but their home page on the web is not current yet.

We decided to forgo any appetizers or salads in favor of saving room for dessert (which was the correct choice!) but they started us off with a basket of rolls, each one a different flavor – melt in your mouth white, wheat, a red one which tasted tomatoey and a green one (which we ate before I got a picture) which tasted spinachey, all delicious.

We decided to order two entrees and share so we opted for the salmon and the beef tenderloin, both excellent choices.  The beef melted in your mouth and the vegetables served alongside were cooked to crunchiness (which I love) and not to mushiness (which I hate).  The salmon was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside (just the way I like it) and the rice and veggies were cooked perfectly.  Can’t say which I liked better, they were both delicious!

We did the same thing with dessert, ordered two and shared.  The chocolate mousse cake was yummy with a tender texture and both chocolate and vanilla sauces alongside but the lemon cake was divine!   If you go there,  you must order it!  Perfect contrast between sweet and tart!   I want more already!

Bob and Penny give La Jolla Groves two thumbs up and will definitely eat there again, hopefully soon!



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Lunch at La Jolla Groves

  1. I LOVE this place! It’s my grandma’s favorite as well so she spoiled me over Christmas break and took me there TWICE. I haven’t gotten dessert there though… guess next time I go I better get that lemon cake!

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