I’m a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier!

I am starting a new adventure as a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier!  I feel like I’ve been a chocolatier my whole life and now I really am one officially!  I signed up with Dove Chocolate Discoveries to be a Dove Chocolatier which means that I hold in home chocolate tasting parties and showcase all the lovely and tasty Dove chocolate products which guests can then buy if they so choose (and why wouldn’t you choose to?).  The Dove chocolate at the tasting parties is a higher quality product than the chocolate that you buy in the store and you can only get it through the home tasting party.  There are 4 catagories of products:  ready to eat (chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate covered nuts, etc), drinks (hot chocolate, smoothie mixes, etc), desserts (brownie mixes, baking mixes, cookie mixes, etc) and candy making (chocolate, molds, tempering unit, etc).  I just held my first open house chocolate tasting party to kick off my new adventure and thought I’d share some pictures with you of all the yummies.  If you want further info, let me know or check out my website at http://www.dove-chocolate-discoveries.com/pennyjohnson.  What could be better than a career in chocolate!

kitchen table product display, I just love the brown and blue color combo they use!

Truffle Fudge Brownie Bites made from a DCD brownie mix - yum!

Cinnamon Dusted Dark Chocolate Almonds!

Dark Chocolate Mousse, my favorite so far! So sinfully delicious and so simple to make!

Chai Dip, made with a Chai Tea packet and a container of Cool Whip, tastes festive and gingerbready, like Christmas!

I accidentally deleted my picture of the Milk Chocolate Fondue so here is a picture of the cute DCD fondue set and just imagine milk choc fondue in there made with heavy whipping cream and Dove milk choc!

marshmallows, pretzels and animal crackers - the dippables for the choc fondue and the Chai dip

So there you have the beginnings of my adventure as a DCD Chocolatier!  Let me know if you want to host a Chocolate Tasting Party or purchase some chocolatey products or have any questions!  I’m planning on giving away some DCD chocolate on the blog so stay tuned!

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