Alaskan Cruise Pastry Extravaganza Buffet!

(For those of you who subscribe to my blog, you might be getting this in an email twice, sorry about that!  I published this post and it got sent in emails and posted to Facebook but then never showed up on the blog itself so I’m republishing it to see if I can get it on the blog.)

You’ve probably noticed that the blog has been silent for the past 2 weeks and that is because Bob and I have been on a 12 day Alaskan Cruise/Tour in celebration of our 25th anniversary.  We had a great time and saw lots of scenery and wildlife and, as you might imagine, ate a ton of food so I thought I would devote a couple of blog entries to some of the highlights of what (and where) we ate on the crusie and tour.

This first one is devoted to the “Pastry Extravaganza Buffet” which took place on the last day of the cruise and which, as you might guess, was therefore my favorite day of the cruise.  It started at 11:00 with a half hour devoted to picture taking only and then the buffet opened at 11:30 for eating.  We went down and took some pictures and then ended up being1st in line for the buffet, best day ever!  So here are some pictures of the delights that were the Pastry Extravaganza Buffet, enjoy (I know I did)!

the beautiful and tasty buffet

my favorite - a cheesecake made to look like a wheel of cheese surrounded by little sugar mice

chocolate cake with a gold dude on top, reminded me of an Oscar

Coffee Toffee Cake - I had a piece of this

Tiramisu - and I had a piece of this

Heath Bar Cake - and a piece of this

Dark and White Mousse Cake - and this too!

my plate - I was very restrained, I only asked for 4 things!

My plate – I was very restrained, I only asked for 4 things!

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