Pot Roast of Beef

I’m sure you all have a pot roast recipe that you use all the time so here is mine.  It’s super easy and super yummy!  This recipe came with the first crock pot we bought.

3 medium potatoes, thinly sliced (I use about 4 because Courtney loves potatoes and I leave the skins on for the extra vitamins!)

2 large carrots, thinly sliced (I use baby carrots instead)

1 onion, sliced

salt and pepper

3 – 4 pound brisket, rump or pot roast

1/2 cup water or beef broth

Layer vegetables in the bottom of your crock pot.  Add liquid.  Place roast on top of veggies and sprinkle with salt and pepper (you can also sprinkle with an envelope of onion soup mix for a different taste).  Cook on low for 10 – 12 hours or on high for 5 – 6 hours.

2 thoughts on “Pot Roast of Beef

  1. You have different choices of meat. I like a roast that just falls apart, but I don’t know what kind of meat I’m supposed to buy for that. What makes the most tender roast? (maybe I just cook it wrong, but I have done it right a few times, I just don’t pay attention to what I’ve done!)

    • Hi Elizabeth!
      Here’s what I know (which may or may not be right): you can use any of those cuts of meat. Look for what they call marbeling (which is the lines of white fat running through the roast) as those help make the roast more tender. Also try cooking it all day long, strart it in the morning when you get up so it cooks for a good 8 – 10 hours on low and do not lift the lid during the day! The liquid that builds up in the crock pot helps to make it tender too and when you lift the lid you lose liquid and pressure and all the things that make a crock pot great! Let me know how it works the next time you make a roast and if you have some problems, we’ll try and trouble shoot.
      Give my mom and dad a hug for me the next time you see them!

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