St Patrick’s Pots of Gold

Got my St Patrick’s on today, starting with these little cuties. Here’s a closer look.

It’s hard to tell but under the gold pearls is a Rolo standing in for the pot alongside an Airhead Extreme Bite for the rainbow with all of that sitting on top of an Oreo thin for the base. They weren’t hard to put together and would be a fun treat to make with older kids. Here’s the how to.

1 package Oreo Thins Cookies

1 bag Rolos

1 bag Airhead Xtremes Bites Candies

1 container Gold Sugar Pearls

1 tube of chocolate frosting

Squirt a thin layer of frosting on the small end of a Rolo, dip it in the gold pearls then put a squirt of frosting on the other wider end of the Rolo and press it carefully onto an Oreo Thin. Squirt some frosting onto an Airhead candy and press it carefully on the side of the Rolo. Let sit until frosting is set.

idea from “Crayons and Cravings”

Happy St Patrick’s Day blog friends!!

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