Rice Krispie Treat Frankensteins

Halloween is coming! Time to get going on those spooky treats! These were time consuming but not difficult and they are so cute.

1 bag Wilton brown candy melts

1 box Rice Krispie Treats or 1 batch homemade Rice Krispie treats (I like to use the store bought ones because they are firmer than the homemade)

1 container brown jimmies

1 bag Wilton green candy melts

1 bag Rolos, unwrapped

1 package medium size candy eyeballs

1 box chocolate covered Pocky, broken into pieces (for unibrow)

1 tube black icing

1 Melt brown candy melts according to package directions and then dip half of each Rice Krispie treat into melted chocolate. Place on parchment paper and sprinkle with brown jimmies. Let chocolate set before proceeding to next step.

2 Melt green candy melts according to package directions then carefully dip other half of Rice Krispie treats into melted chocolate. Set on parchment and press 2 Rolos on either side of the green portion for his neck bolts, 2 candy eye balls, and a broken piece of Pocky for his unibrow.

3 Let set before applying a mouth with the black icing.

inspiration from Your Cup of Cake

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