Corgi Gingerbread Dog House

I know Christmas is over but I had to document this adorable Wilton Corgi Gingerbread Dog House that my mom and dad sent me for Christmas because we all know how I feel about corgis, right? I mean, just look at that adorable sugar corgi, he’s the best.

The kit came with everything you need to make and decorate the house, I just added a few of my own Christmas sprinkles for variety.

I also added a shortbread cookie wreath to the back of the house which was not included in the kit. I hope you all had a great Christmas season surrounded by family, friends, and lots of good food! Here’s hoping for a great 2022 with lots more good food!

PS I have to confess that I carefully pulled the sugar corgi off the house and saved it for next year’s gingerbread house! No one will eat it so it will be fine.

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