Utah Taste Off Review – Citrus Desserts

Have you heard of the Utah Taste Off? I found them on Instagram and so the hubs and I gave it a try this past week. Here’s how it works:

Go to their website (link above) and sign up for their email list so you will be one of the first to know when the kits are ready to purchase on Sunday mornings. Order and pay for your kit ($45) and select a pickup sight in either Utah, Salt Lake or Davis counties. Pick up your kit on your given day and at your given time and the fun begins!

You will be give 12 food items, 6 different kinds, 2 of each. You will also be given instructions

and 2 placemats

and 2 score sheets.

And now get to tasting and scoring and then entering your scores on their website. It’s yummy and fun and all in your own home!

We just got our first kit this past week. The theme was Citrus Desserts. Here is what was in the kit (see picture at top) –

Fresh Lime Pies from Cafe Rio

Lillys (Lemon Sugar Cookie with Lemon Heads) from Ruby Snap

Orange Rolls from Shirley’s Bakery

Lemon Crullers from Jack’s Donuts

Lemon Bars from The Baking Hive

Grapefruit Cupcakes from Alicia’s Cupcakes

My favorite was the Grapefruit Cupcake from Alicia’s followed very closely by the Lemon Cruller from Jack’s Donuts but the truth is that they were all delicious!

Next week’s theme is Salsa and the hubs woke up early to order one. (The email comes at 7am and if you are on their email list you get first dibs before they open it up to everyone at 9am.)

Give it a try! (You can thank me later!)

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