Sprinkle Groom’s Cake

Sprinkle Groom's Cake

Sprinkle Groom’s Cake

Second cake for Kenzie and Dane’s wedding.  I think it is so adorable!  Here’s a look at the top because it too is so adorable.

Sprinkle Groom's Cake

Sprinkle Groom’s Cake

Here’s the story behind this cake, Kenzie came over before her wedding and we planned her cake.  It was to be a three layer chocolate cake with buttercream stripes.  I got a text from her a week or two later saying that Dane had been making jokes about having a sprinkle cake as their wedding cake so she wanted to surprise him with a sprinkle cake that they could cut at their reception so could we make the actual wedding cake the two bottom layers and the sprinkle one the top layer and keep it a secret from Dane.  I thought it was a fun idea and was happy to do it!

The cake is a chocolate cake from this recipe here.

The frosting is buttercream from this recipe here.

The sprinkles are Sweet Tooth Fairy Sprinkles which I found at Joanne’s.

This is a really easy cake to make, once you’ve baked and iced a cake just start gently pressing handfuls of the sprinkles into the frosting all over the whole cake.  It’s messy, sprinkles were going everywhere which made the dog happy, so I set it inside a 9 x 13″ pan to catch some which helped a bit.  Once the cake was covered, I went back over and filled in any empty spots piece by piece.

Congratulations again to Kenzie and Dane!

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