Kit Kat and Peanut M&M Chocolate Birthday Cake

Kit Kat and Peanut M&M Chocolate Birthday Cake

Kit Kat and Peanut M&M Chocolate Birthday Cake

I was raised by a chocoholic mother, I remember eating leftover cake for breakfast with her.  I am a chocoholic too as you might have noticed if you follow my blog.  My parents came for a visit and even thought their birthdays aren’t until July, I thought it would be fun to have a joint birthday party for them while they were here.  I made them each a cake (see previous post for dad’s) tailored specifically to their likes.  This cake is all over Pinterest and is so easy to make and put together.  Here’s how –

1  Bake two round layers of cake, (I did chocolate of course) according to the directions on the box and let cool.

2  Make frosting, I used this recipe here, substituting 1/2 – 1 cup cocoa for some of the powdered sugar, depending on how chocolately you want your frosting.

3  Ice the cake, you don’t even have to be neat about it because no one is going to see it after you put all that candy on it!

4  Carefully break Kit Kats into single bars, (I bought the largest size pack of Kit Kats that Walmart had, 4 packs should do it) and gently press into the frosting all the way around to cover the whole cake.

5  Carefully, 1 handful at a time, put the M&M’s on the top of the cake, you don’t want to knock over the Kit Kats.  (I bought the giant tub of M&M’s at Costco and used about half of the container.)

6  Tie a ribbon carefully around the cake to hold everything together.  (I used a ribbon with cats on it because my mom also loves cats.)

7  Top with cute candles from Walmart.

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