Naked Sprinkle Birthday Cake

Naked Sprinkle Birthday Cake

Naked Sprinkle Birthday Cake

I’ve been wanting to try a sprinkle cake so this was my first attempt and I learned a few things for the next one.  This was for my friend Wendy’s birthday.

Naked Sprinkle Birthday Cake

Naked Sprinkle Birthday Cake

Here are a few things I learned:

#1  Use darker sprinkles on the top so that the heart shows up better

#2  Use bigger sprinkles on the bottom for the ring around the cake because getting those tiny sprinkles on was a pain in the butt!

Here’s the how to for the cake:

The cake is chocolate from this recipe here

The frosting recipe can be found here

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Sprinkles came from Joannes

Bake cake, make frosting, frost cake as desired (I piped some flowery shapes around the edges because it looked like it needed something else on top) then apply sprinkles (see below)

For the heart on top, I set a heart shaped cookie cutter gently on the top of the cake and then carefully poured in sprinkles but not too thick otherwise when you take the cutter away it won’t maintain the heart shape, gently press the sprinkles into the cake before removing the cutter.

For the sprinkles on the sides, I just poured some in my hand and started pressing them gently into the bottom of the cake, an offset frosting knife also helped press them in and for some of the bigger sprinkles, I just put them on individually.  And now a warning (name that movie), this is a messy process, the sprinkles go EVERYWHERE so be prepared.  My pup was in sprinkle heaven with so many falling on the floor!  A cookie sheet under the cake helped a bit.

All in all, not bad for a first effort.

Happy Birthday Wendy!

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