Easter White Chocolate Cookie Cutter Treats

Easter White Chocolate Cookie Cutter Treats

Easter White Chocolate Cookie Cutter Treats

Here is a really simple and really cute Easter basket idea.  I got these Easter cookie cutters at the dollar store, there were 6 of them in the pack for a buck then all you need are some candy melts and sprinkles, easy peasy!  And wouldn’t they look adorable in an Easter basket?

cookie cutters

wax paper

1 bag Wilton candy melts, your choice of color


1  Place cookie cutters on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

2  Melt candy melts according to package directions.

3  With one hand, press the cookie cutter down firmly on the tray while filling with melted candy melts with other hand.  Top melted chocolate with sprinkles while still holding down with your other hand.  Now put a glass or bowl or something heavy enough to press down on cookie cutter carefully over the top of cookie cutter to keep chocolate from seeping out under edges of cookie cutter.  Repeat with remaining cookie cutters.

4  Place in fridge or freezer until firm.

5  Carefully peel chocolate filled cookie cutters off wax paper.

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