Polka Dot Fondant Birthday Cake


Polka Dot Fondant Birthday Cake

Fun little get together the other night at the church with all the ladies to celebrate the Relief Society’s birthday and they asked if I would make a cake with the theme of polka dots so I happily said yes.  I decided to mix it up just a bit so each level of the cake has a chocolate layer and a yellow layer made from a cake mix with a box of pudding mix added to it plus 1 extra egg which actually work out great and also tasted great (I don’t usually get to sample my cakes so this was nice to be able to see how it tasted after being all put together) topped with my favorite buttercream icing and then covered with white Wilton fondant.  The polka dots I colored from the white fondant and luckily I had both the blue and pink polka dot ribbons.  The flowers on top are from the table decorations for Courtney’s wedding luncheon which for some reason I’ve held on to for the past 3 years.  I thought it was cute and everyone else seemed to like it too.

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