Baby Rattle Cupcakes


Baby Rattle Cupcakes

I made these for my cute friend Jessica’s baby shower this morning.  They were pretty easy to make and came out pretty cute.

1 batch cupcakes, your choice (I made lemon white chocolate chip)

1 batch frosting, your choice (I used my favorite Buttercream Icing)

1 – 2 bags large gumdrops

paper straws, cut in half

various decorations such as M&M’s, mini M&M’s, colored sugars, sprinkles, etc

1  Prepare cupcakes and frosting.

2  Cut straws in half and press a gumdrop onto the end of each straw.

3  Frost and decorate cupcakes as desired.

4  Using a toothpick or a cake tester, poke a hole into the side of each cupcake through the paper liner, turning a bit to make the hole larger then press straw with gumdrop on end into the hole to make the rattle handle.

Here’s a closer look


Baby Rattle Cupcakes

inspiration from Betty Crocker

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