Eating our way through Disneyland!

Pulled Pork Hot Dog

I wanted to blog about some of the food we ate while on our Disneyland trip so that I could remember the good stuff for the next time we go.  (Not all of these photos are mine, I had to Google some since people were too hungry to wait and let me take a picture!)  We ate lunch at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country on our first day in the park, it’s one of our favorites.  We ate burgers and fries and Courtney and I shared a yummy Turkey Caesar Wrap but by far the winner was this Pulled Pork Hot Dog that Bob ate, it was a thing to behold.

Zach and his giant turkey leg

Zach wanted a turkey leg that was as big as his head so we looked all over and asked every “cast member” that we could find and finally found the giant turkey legs over by Big Thunder Railroad in Frontierland.  He said it was everything he dreamed it would be and more!

Mickey Pretzel

Cort decided that she needed a Mickey pretzel which was also at a food cart right by Big Thunder Railroad in Frontierland.  I had a bite and I have to say that it was the best Mickey shaped pretzel I’ve ever eaten.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Caprese

We ate a couple of times at the Jolly Holiday Bakery which I highly recommend!  If you are walking down Main Street towards the Castle, it is at the very end of Main Street on the left hand side, right before you can walk off to the left into Adventureland and the Tiki Room.  The kids ate at a corn dog cart right on the other side of Main Street from the Bakery and were very happy about it but I am rarely up for a corn dog so Bob and I went to the Bakery where we had sandwiches.  I had this Caprese which was really good.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Eclair

I also couldn’t resist this eclair at the bakery which was delicious!  I only got half though cause Cort came and stole the rest!

Ocean Beach Sea Salt Caramel Sundae

The whole trip I had been dying to go to the Ghiradelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop over in California Adventures in the Pacific Wharf area and it did not disappoint!  We ordered two sundaes this Ocean Beach Sea Salt Caramel Sundae

The Intense Dark Espresso Escape

and this Intense Dark Espresso Escape.  Now we all know what a chocolate lover I am but I actually think I liked the Sea Salt Caramel better!

Jolly Holiday Bakery Chocolate Croissants

We went back to the Jolly Holiday Bakery on our last morning in the park for some breakfast.  I can’t remember what everyone else had but I had a chocolate croissant and it was the perfect breakfast for our last day in Disneyland!

Disneyland Churros

So I will end this post by fessing up that on our last day in the park, on our way out, we all kind of headed in different directions and I went over to a churro cart right in front of the castle and had a churro, the perfect ending to the Disneyland trip!

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