College Survival Kit Graduation Gift

College Survival Kit

So here’s a cute little idea that I found on Pinterest for a high school graduation gift.  I found multiple variations of this idea so this one is pulled from about 4 different kits.  Here’s what’s inside and a list to go with it:

College Survival Kit

Hugs and Kisses (Hersheys) – to remind you that you are loved

Starbursts – for an extra burst of energy for late night studying

Extra gum – for extra motivation and to help you stick to it

Kit Kat – for when you need a break

Icebreakers – to help start conversations with new people

Smarties – to help get good grades

Tootsie Rolls – to roll with the punches

Twizzlers – for life’s little twists

sponge – to soak up knowledge

rubber band – to stretch beyond your limits

paper clip – to hold it all together when it feels like it’s falling apart

eraser – to make little mistakes disappear

penny – so you’re never completely broke

smiley face (I used stickers) – to remember to smile

Bandaid – for when things get rough

battery – to keep going and going and going

candle – for burning the midnight oil when studying

tissues – for when your day just blows

air freshener – for when life stinks

a container of some kind

Most of these things I found at the dollar store and the rest at the grocery store.  I used labels to print off all the sayings and then just stuck them right on and for the smaller items, I put them in small clear gift bags and then stuck the label on those.  Super cute and super easy for a high school graduate like two of my Young Women, Bailey and Melia, love you guys!

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