Purple Tangled Doll Fondant Birthday Cake

N & N's cakes 019

Courtney called me at like 7:00 Monday night and announced that we had to make two birthday cakes the next day for Ngati and Ngaio (they are the children of some good friends of Jaren, Courtney’s hubby) so I started baking right away and then she came over Tuesday and we spent most of the day trying to crank out two fondant birthday cakes.  They came out pretty good considering that we were under a bit of a time crunch.  Ngaio wanted a Disney Princess cake and settled on Tangled so Cort got a Tangled Barbie from Target and we made the classic doll cake.  I baked the cake in my Pampered Chef Batter Bowl and then made a smaller 6″ round layer to give her some more height to accommodate the Barbie.  The batter bowl cake was Pink Lemonade flavor and the circle on the bottom was a yellow cake.  We used buttercream icing and the fondant is Duff’s brand from Michaels.  Courtney piped on some decorations on the dress as time was running out to make any with fondant.  Happy Birthday Ngaio!

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