S’Mores Cake Pops

Treats 001

A neighbor called to ask if I could make treats for another neighbor’s future daughter in law’s wedding shower (did you follow that?) and of course I said yes then she told that the shower was going to be a camping shower and that all of the food was going to be on sticks!  So I told her I’d get back to her when I had a chance to think about it for a bit and then one day it hit me, S’Mores Cake Pops!  Camping, check!  On a stick, double check!  I was very proud of myself.  So anyways here they are in all their camping and stick glory!  I had some cake balls in the freezer from the last time that I made cake pops (go here for “Basic Cake Pops” recipe) then just dipped them in chocolate candy melts, sprinkled graham cracker crumbs over the freshly dipped pops and then topped with a mini marshmallow.  Ta Da!  Congrats to Eva and Mitch on your upcoming wedding!

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