Busiate with pesto alla Trapanese

And now the pasta!  We were close to a town called Trapani while in Sicily and this is their signature dish which I ordered probably 4 – 5 times while in Sicily.  It is delicious!  This recipe came close, perhaps as close as I’ll be able to get, it was pretty good.  I brought the … Continue reading

Balsamic Bruschetta

Next up, Bruschetta!  Oh, how I love the Bruschetta!  I found this version of the recipe on the All Recipes website and it was delicious.  There are other versions out there but this one seemed pretty close to what I was eating in Sicily and I ate a lot of it! 8 Roma or plum … Continue reading

Caprese Salad

I promised the fam that when I got home I would make them an Italian dinner with some of the things that I loved best while eating my way through Sicily so last night we gathered together and dined Italian style out on our deck in the beautiful Spring weather!  First up, Caprese Salad which … Continue reading