Mini Donut Snowmen

This one too was for the Christmas party for the girls, another idea from Pinterest and another picture that led to nowhere so here’s what I did! mini powdered sugar donuts candy corns mini chocolate chips Cut wide end off 1 piece of candy corn then carefully stick, pointy end facing out, into slit (there … Continue reading

Marshmallow Reindeer Pops

Here is one of the treats that I made for the Christmas party for the girls.  I saw the picture on Pinterest but the website that it led to, called “Wedding Day Pins”, had no instructions just the picture so I’ll just tell you how I did it. 1 bag Wilton light cocoa candy melts … Continue reading

Cupcake Ornaments

Last night my girls from church came over for a Christmas party so I thought a craft would be fun for the party and since I am the food lady I thought this cupcake ornament was just perfect!  And while it isn’t a food item with a recipe like I usually do on this blog, … Continue reading

Diet Coke Bottle Fondant Birthday Cake

It was my friend Wendy’s birthday yesterday and she loves Diet Coke like no other and so Courtney and I decided to make her a Diet Coke birthday cake.  I got this soda bottle shaped cake pan from the Coke Rewards website where you enter the codes you find on your coke products and then … Continue reading