Dipped Rice Krispie Pops

And so here is the treat for the color orange and the value “Choice and Accountability”, another cute, easy and yummy idea from a blog called The Party Wagon.  Her pops were much more uniform looking than mine and as I’m looking at the picture of them on her blog, I’m wondering if she used store bought rice krispie treats in order to get that uniform appearance, maybe so.  But anyways, all you have to do is make a batch of rice krispie treats and press them into a 9 x 13″ pan, let them cool and set and then cut them into bar shapes.  Next stick a popsicle stick (which you can buy at any craft store like Michaels) into one end of the treats and then dip into the Wilton candy melts that you have melted according to package directions, sprinkle with jimmies, etc if desired and then set on wax paper until candy coating has become firm.  Rice Krispie treats are addicting by themselves but when dipped in candy melts they are even more addicting, consider yourself warned!

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