Celery Pretzel Butterflies

Big shindig here on Wednesday night but I just haven’t had time to put in all the recipes until now.  It was Girls Camp Wrap Up at my house so I got to spend the day cooking and baking and creating in the kitchen, it was a good day!  We ate and reminisced about camp and swam and watched the camp movie that Ann put together for us and then ate some more!  It was great fun!  While up at camp (which was back in June), I was sitting at a picnic table and this beautiful butterfly landed on me and seriously stayed there for like 5 minutes.

So when I was surfing around on the internet looking for food ideas for the party and say these celery butterflies, I knew I had to make them!  Here’s the link to the original site.


cream cheese (I used peanut butter instead)

craisins or raisins

pretzel twists, the small ones

1  Cut celery into 2″ pieces.

2  Slice a thin strip off rounded bottom part of the celery to make a flat surface.

3  Fill celery with cream cheese or peanut butter.

4  Cut the craisins or raisins in half.  Place them on filling as eyes.

5  Place 2 pretzels onto filling as wings.

4 thoughts on “Celery Pretzel Butterflies

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