Cinnamon Muffins

Last weekend my friend Mary and her family held a cancer fundraiser in honor of their son Sean who passed away from cancer.  One of the events at the fundraiser was a silent auction and one of the items at the silent auction was a huge basket of food items from Mary’s neighbor Alison who owns “Alison’s Pantry” and so of course that is one of the things that I bid on and I won the basket!  These muffins are made from some of the ingredients found in the basket such as the Classic Creme Cake and Muffin Mix, the Gerken’s Mini Cinnamon Drops and the Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast Sugar.  I was a little skeptical but they looked and tasted great!  I simply followed the instructions on the muffin mix bag for making muffins, stirred in about 3/4 cup of the cinnamon drops which melted while baking and made the insides yummy and cinnamony and then topped each muffin before baking with about a teaspoon of the french toast sugar.  They had a nice crispy top and a light and fluffy inside, delicious!  So I encourage you to check out Alison’s Pantry online at where they have every kind of food you can imagine that you can order right online.  I’ve got a bunch of other things to try from my basket so I’ll keep you posted but these three products get two thumbs way up from me!

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