Valentine Truffles

The recipe for these truffles is already on the blog under “Easy Oreo Truffles” but I thought I’d blog about them again for Valentine’s Day as a quick and easy treat idea if you’re in need of one.  I made 2 batches of these which ended up being about 86 truffles and it only took me an hour and half to make them from start to finish.  I dipped them in red and pink Wilton candy melts and sprinkled them with different toppings such as crunched up Oreos, chocolate jimmies and Pampered Chef Sweet Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkles.  Then I found these cute boxes at Michaels:

which are supposed to be cupcake boxes but they worked out just right for my truffles.  So if you are in need of a Valentine treat in a hurry, these are cute and, more importantly, delicious!

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