Thanksgiving Edible Placecard Markers

This is a fun and easy idea that I found on the Wilton website, placecards made out of candy!  They are bigger than they look, almost the size of a regular candy bar.


white candy melts (I didn’t do any white ones, just orange and cocoa)

orange candy melts

dark cocoa candy melts (I used the light cocoa instead of the dark)

leaves mix sprinkles (I couldn’t find the leaves mix sprinkles so I used chocolate jimmies on the orange ones and yellow and orange nonpareils on the cocoa ones)


mini loaf pan

decorator brush set

disposable decorating bags

1  Melt candy melts according to package directions.  Pour into mini loaf pan cavities creating a layer 1/8 – 1/4″ deep.  Refrigerate until firm.  Unmold.

2  Place melted candy in disposable decorating bags;  cut a small hole in tip.  Write name on plaque with contrasting candy.  (I didn’t buy enough candy.  I bought a bag of orange melts and a bag of cocoa melts and after making 9 placecards there was no candy left to write names with so Courtney did the names for me in frosting which was probably easier than doing it with the chocolate.)

3  Brush edges of candy plaques with additional melted candy.  Dip each edge in sprinkles.  Repeat with remaining plaques.  (Brushing the chocolate on the edges didn’t seem like it was going to work too well so I put the rest of the melted candy on a paper plate and dipped the sides of the plaque in it and put the sprinkles on a paper plate too and dipped the plaques in the sprinkles right after dipping them in the chocolate which worked great.)

4  Refrigerate until firm.  Cut additional candy melt in half; trim 1 edge flat to create right angle.  Attach both halves to back of plaque to act as a stand.  (I didn’t have any candy melts left over so we just put them on everyone’s plates.)


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