Pampered Chef Stoneware Giveaway!

I’ve been meaning to do another giveaway since I finished work and I just keep forgetting!  I have a pile of Pampered Chef products sitting in my office (all the new Fall/Winter products) and there are a bunch of new stoneware pieces so I’m going to give one away to one lucky subscriber to my blog!  That’s right, all you have to be is a subscriber to my blog and you will be entered into the drawing to win a free piece of Pampered Chef stoneware.  The giveaway will end in 1 week so you have until Tuesday, November 15 at midnight to subscribe to my blog and have a chance to win the stoneware.  I will announce the winner on my blog on Wednesday, November 16.  Good luck and thanks for subscribing and indulging me in my obsession with all things food!  🙂

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