Purple and Orange Bollywood Fondant Birthday Cake

Here is our stab at a Bollywood birthday cake for Courtney’s friend Becca’s daughter Bree who is turning 15.  I baked the cake in the 2 smallest topsy turvy pans I have, which are 6″ and 8″.  The cake is Red Velvet so when they cut into it, it is going to be even more colorful!  I adapted the White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe for Red Velvet by using a Red Velvet cake mix (Duncan Hines was the only brand I could find that makes one) and using real buttermilk for the liquid and I used my favorite Buttercream frosting of course.  The purple and orange fondants are the Duff brand and the pink is white Pettinice that Cort colored pink.  We got the little dangly things with the jewels at Michaels.  Not too bad for a first attempt at a Bollywood cake.  Happy Birthday Bree!

12 thoughts on “Purple and Orange Bollywood Fondant Birthday Cake

  1. My name is Cat too. Anyway, I have 2 TT pans. Did you stack them with or without digging a hole in the center? Did you use anything to seal the tiers so they wouldn’t fall over? Any tips on baking in these pans?

  2. Hi Cat!
    I did not dig a hole in the center, just stacked them right on top of each other. I didn’t do anything to seal them either. I have 4 topsy turvy pans (12″, 10″, 8″ and 6″) and have made a wedding cake with those 4 layers and they didn’t ever seem to be in any danger of falling over so I don’t worry about the smaller ones falling either. (On the bigger one, I did put some dowels on the very bottom layer for extra support and I did use cake boards between the layers just to be safe as it was a wedding cake.) Here’s what I’ve found works best for these pans: I always use the “White Almond Sour Cream” cake recipe and just adapt it to whatever flavor is wanted and I never beat the batter on any speed but low, I bake them for 30 minutes at 300 then at 325 for 20 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the cake. I never open the oven until it is almost time for them to be done. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions and let me know how your cake comes out! Thanks!

      • They cooked well. I was thinking this morning in bed, which side goes down….the cut side or the level side? I know all I have to do is play with the sides a bit, but you’ve done it already..hee hee. I am going to put some melted chocolate to seal the cakes together. I am going to ice in buttercream and use fondant accents. I will put a dowel through the center because I need to travel to my grandson’s birthday party.

  3. I’m ready to share my photo. Here here it is.

    My husband was arguing with me about digging a hole. I told him Penny said I didn’t have to. I think I put the top tier on wrong. It doesn’t look like yours. Here’s what I did. I put the bottom tier on with the cut side down. Then the top tier went the same way, cut side down. Was that the right way? My top tier doesn’t look as slanted as yours does.

    • Thanks so much for sharing the picture, your cake is darling! Neither of your tiers look as slanted to me, I’m wondering if we have different pans because I have noticed that some TT pans are more slanted than others. I have Fat Daddios brand, do you know what brand your pans are? I always do all my TT cakes with flat side down and slanted sides up. Either way, your cake was adorable!

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