Best Shredded Chicken

I got this recipe from the website after googling shredded chicken.  It really is tasty and easy!  I was going to take a picture of my burrito that I made with the chicken but I was so hungry that I forgot so here is a picture of the leftovers!  🙂 2 pounds chicken breasts … Continue reading

Good Low Fat Dressing

I don’t remember where I got this recipe, it might have been off the internet but it’s great and goes with any salad.  I threw together this salad of Romaine, red cabbage, broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, celery, mini cucumbers, Feta and grilled chicken and the dressing went perfectly. 1/4 cup olive oil 3/4 cup … Continue reading

49ers Football Field Fondant Cake

front of cake This one was a challenge for us!  🙂  We struggled a bit to make it look good but it came out ok in the end.  The cake is “Ann’s Poppy Seed Cake” recipe without the poppy seeds so basically just a really yummy yellow cake and then for the frosting, we used … Continue reading

Cilantro Lime Rice

My niece Amber and her husband Taylor and 3 year old son Noah came over today so I decided to do a taco bar for dinner where everyone could make what they wanted, either tacos or burritos or taco salad and I wanted to try and make some lime flavored rice like they do at … Continue reading

Mango Confetti Salsa

My sister in law Mary requested that if she didn’t win the Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor (which she didn’t, sorry Mary) then could she please still have the recipe for this Pampered Chef salsa so here it is Mary, enjoy! 1 large mango 1/2 small jicama 1/3 orange bell pepper 1/3 red bell pepper … Continue reading

Graduation Soda Pop Candy Bouquets

All the kids in my Sunday School class graduated from high school on Thursday and I wanted to give them all something so Courtney and I (but mostly Courtney) made them these soda pop candy bouquets to congratulate them.  The idea came from the little “Candy Bouquets” book that I got recently.  Their idea started … Continue reading

Soccer Ball Graduation Fondant Cake

Another fabulous and funny friend and neighbor Pam, who also subscribes to my blog (Hi Pam, love you too!), called and asked if we would make a graduation cake for her daughter Kenzie who played soccer in high school and got a scholarship to play soccer at Idaho State so we made her a soccer … Continue reading