49ers Football Field Fondant Cake

front of cake

This one was a challenge for us!  🙂  We struggled a bit to make it look good but it came out ok in the end.  The cake is “Ann’s Poppy Seed Cake” recipe without the poppy seeds so basically just a really yummy yellow cake and then for the frosting, we used my favorite Buttercream Frosting recipe but I added about 1 cup of cocoa to the basic recipe to make it chocolate frosting (it was yummy!) and then the green fondant was Duff’s Buttercream Fondant that we got at Michaels.  Courtney made the goal posts out of gum paste, the football out of chocolate fondant and the helmet out of fondant.  The letters were half gum paste and half fondant.  Happy Birthday Tyler!

back of cake


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