Soccer Ball Graduation Fondant Cake

Another fabulous and funny friend and neighbor Pam, who also subscribes to my blog (Hi Pam, love you too!), called and asked if we would make a graduation cake for her daughter Kenzie who played soccer in high school and got a scholarship to play soccer at Idaho State so we made her a soccer graduation cake.  It is a double layer “Chocolate Sour Cream Cake” (under the blog as “White Almond Sour Cream Cake with chocolate instead of white and vanilla instead of almond), vanilla buttercream frosting and Satin Ice Buttercream Fondant.  The cap is also a chocolate chocolate chip muffin covered with the buttercream fondant and the diploma is also made out of the buttercream fondant.  Congratulations Kenzie, we’re so proud of you!

2 thoughts on “Soccer Ball Graduation Fondant Cake

  1. Thank you so much Courtney and Penny!!! The cutest cake ever! All of Mckenzie’s friends were so jealous! The cake couldn’t have turned out any better. We hated to eat it. All we wanted to do was show it off:) Thank you so much, you do such an amazing job!

    • Sorry I’m so late in responding but I love hearing that you all hated to eat the cake, that is a great compliment indeed also that Kenzie’s friends were all jealous, love it! 🙂

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