College Graduation Chocolate Fondant Cake

Our friend Alecia graduated from UVU and got accepted to the U of U so her sister Whitney called and asked if we would make her a graduation cake.  We had visions of this looking like a mountain but it didn’t quite work out that way, it’s more of a very well defined plateau!  But … Continue reading

“Cheers To You” Graduation Gifts

So this post could also be called “Fun at the Dollar Store” since I bought all of the items for this project at the Dollar store.  Some of my cute little neighbor girls just graduated from high school and I wanted to give them a little something to celebrate so I hit the dollar store … Continue reading

Graduation Soda Pop Candy Bouquets

All the kids in my Sunday School class graduated from high school on Thursday and I wanted to give them all something so Courtney and I (but mostly Courtney) made them these soda pop candy bouquets to congratulate them.  The idea came from the little “Candy Bouquets” book that I got recently.  Their idea started … Continue reading

Soccer Ball Graduation Fondant Cake

Another fabulous and funny friend and neighbor Pam, who also subscribes to my blog (Hi Pam, love you too!), called and asked if we would make a graduation cake for her daughter Kenzie who played soccer in high school and got a scholarship to play soccer at Idaho State so we made her a soccer … Continue reading

Softball Graduation Fondant Cake

Our wonderfully funny friend and neighbor Sharron, who subscribes to my blog (Hi Sharron, we love you!), called and asked if we could make a graduation cake for her granddaughter Andrea who played softball in high school and is going on to play softball in college so we made her a softball graduation cake.  The … Continue reading

Graduation Cap Fondant Cake

Here is Carl’s other daughter Kelsey’s graduation cake.  Kelsey loves chocolate and her favorite color is blue.  This cake was made in the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl (the recipe for how to do this is on the blog under “Barbie Doll Cake”) with a Dark Chocolate cake mix.  It has the Vanilla Buttercream Frosting on … Continue reading

White and Purple Graduation Cake

My friend Carl from high school sent me a message on Facebook asking if we could make 2 graduation cakes for his twin daughters who are fraternal twins, not identical so he wanted two different cakes.  Kiersten likes vanilla cake and her favorite color is purple so this is the cake we made for her.  … Continue reading

Head of the Class Graduation Cupcakes

The daughter of one of my oldest friends (I’ve known Ann since we were like 11 – 12 years old) graduated from BYU’s College of Nursing yesterday (way to go Alyse!).  Her mom and dad threw her a party to celebrate so I made these cupcakes for the party.  They came out pretty cute and … Continue reading