1 Year Anniversary Giveaways!

One week from today, Monday, March 21, will mark the 1 year anniversary of my food blog.  I’ve been thinking about a giveaway to mark the occasion but was having trouble deciding what that giveaway should be.  Finally I decided that rather than trying to give something big away, I would do multiple giveaways instead so that more people could win.  So here are the 4 giveaways:

#1  If you win this giveaway, I will give you your choice of any Pampered Chef product that I happen to have in stock at the time, such as this Family Size Quick Stir Pitcher.

#2  If you win this giveaway, I will give you your choice of any Dove Chocolate Discoveries product that I happen to have on hand at the time, such as these New Chocolate Chipotle Spiced Nut Clusters.

#3  If you win this giveaway, I will make 1 recipe of your choice from my blog or, if you’re feeling daring, then I’ll make something new and surprise you.  (Obviously if you win this giveaway and don’t live near me, then your choices will be limited to what will ship well.)

#4  And finally, if you win this giveaway, I will give you one of my favorite cookbooks (perhaps the “Hello Cupcake” one pictured here?).

Here’s how to enter, you can get up to 5 entries for these giveaways:

1  Subscribe to the blog, if you are already a subscriber then you already have 1 entry.

2  Respond to this post and tell me which Pampered Chef product you would choose (assuming that I have everything in the catalog, which I don’t!).

3  Respond to this post and tell me which Dove Chocolate Discoveries product you would choose (again assuming that I have everything in the catalog which, here again, I don’t!).

4   Respond to this post and tell me which recipe from the blog you would choose to have me make for you.

5  And for your 5th entry, respond to this post and tell me which cookbook you would hope to win.

(You can respond once to the post and include all 4 answers, you don’t have to respond 4 separate times.)

There you go!  4 giveaways!  5 ways to enter!

The giveaway will end at midnight on Monday, March 21 and winners will be chosen, notified and announced on Tuesday, March 22.

Good luck!  And thanks for reading my blog!


9 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary Giveaways!

  1. Ok that’s so nice of you! Congratulations on the blogversary!

    1. Already subscribed
    2. I would hope for the Pampered chef stainless/silicone whisk.
    3. I would pick something in the Dove sweet and savory line such as cocoa rub.
    4. Would need a gluten free recipe that travels so may need to forfeit this.
    5. Any cookbook would be great but prefer a gluten free or maybe a Soups cookbook.
    Thank you!

  2. Penny! I want to win some of your sticky chocolately caramely brownie things you made at ViPeR meeting! You can keep the pampered chef stuff : )
    Had the baby: Elijah, 7 lb 8 oz 20 in

  3. 1. Already a subscriber 😀
    2. I saw pampered chef had a nice “pinch bowl set” that looked very useful.
    3. I would choose “Chef Series White Chocolate” from the Dove Chocolate Discoveries products.
    4. I think I would have you make me those waffle brownies I want to try so badly!
    5. I would hope to win whatever cook book you call your favorite, because I know it would have lots of delicious chocolatey recipes!
    Thanks PJ! It was fun to enter!

  4. 1. Subscriber and #1 Fan (yes I’m kissing up…)
    2. PC mini chopper is at the top of my list – but I also love a fresh spatula!
    3. The Dove chocolate truffle brownie mix makes me drool, but so do the salted caramels and the mint baking chips would be fun to try.
    4. I would have you choose and save it for a visit hopefully this summer!
    5. Definitely Bakerella cook book – I’m loving cake pops! 🙂

    Happy Anniversary on the Blog – it’s so fun! Keep it up!

  5. 1. I’m a subscriber!
    2. Where do I start?!? 🙂 I have been wanting a smooth edge can opener, or stoneware to bake with!
    3. The mango and raspberry dessert sauces look delicious!
    4. Ever since you posted that bread bowl and artichoke dip, I’ve been wanting to make it! Better yet… how about you make it? haha
    5. I have the hello cupcake cookbook! I would take anything you suggested!
    Congrats on one year!

  6. 1 I was one of the first subscribed methinks!

    2 Quick-stir pitcher. No doubt…I can’t stand floaties in my OJ

    3 Chocolate covered graham crackers

    4 Cake pops. Seriously..I gained 20 pounds eating those.

    5 I know nothing of cookbooks 😦 But anything that is fast / easy / healthy food my wife can make me.

  7. 1. Already subscrbe

    2. mini chopper or apple pealer (do they still have that?)

    3. Choclate and cinnamen covererd almonds

    4.corn on the cob cupcakes

    5. Hello cupcake

  8. 1. For the Pampered Chef, I would choose the smooth edge can opener
    2. I would love to try the Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit
    3. Surprise me!!
    4. I love the Hello Cupcake cookbook (or something similar)

    Happy anniversary!

  9. I am a subscriber.
    Pampered Chef – ANYTHING – Love their products. My favorite gadget of all time is the Mix & Chop.
    Dove – Chocolate Grahams
    Maple Oatmeal Scones would be delicious and should ship well too!
    I have a bazillion cookbooks and love them all. Mexican Food is our favorite.

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