Alaskan Prize Pack Giveaway Winner Announced!

First of all, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your dining experiences.  They were unique and varied and fun.  And now on to the announcement of the winner!  The Alaskan Prize Pack consisting of an Ulu knife, a set of Pasta and Salad Paws and 4 oz of Smoked Salmon goes to my neighbor and friend, TERESA PACE!  Congratulations Teresa!  I will bring your prize over to you later today.  (FYI  I always choose the giveaway winners in a random drawing and my husband Bob chooses the name.)  If you didn’t win, stay tuned because I already have the prize ready to go for my next giveaway which will be at the beginning of October.  Thank you all for subscribing and thank you for sharing your dining experiences with me!

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