Easiest Pulled Pork Ever!

I had been experimenting with different pulled pork recipes but could never find the flavor that I liked.  One day I tried this as an experiment,  not expecting much since it seemed too easy and of course found the flavor I was looking for.

Take one pork loin about 3 – 4 pounds and place in crock pot.  Top with one bottle of barbeque sauce.  My family likes Kraft Spicy Honey but you could use any variety, any brand depending on your taste preference.  Cover with lid and cook on low all day, for at least 8 hours depending on your crock pot.  Remove pork from crock pot, reserving sauce, and shred with 2 large forks.  Pork should shred easily.  When shredded, top with as much sauce as desired.  Serve over rice or on rolls.  The picture shows the pulled pork on a Costco sweet roll, yummy!  (Told you it was easy!)

5 thoughts on “Easiest Pulled Pork Ever!

  1. I made this on a Sunday for after church. I love anything that is easy to do and can be ready when the wild and starving bunch gets home. This is a great recipe and added to my list of favorites. The taste was great. I like that I can experiment with the barbeque sauce to create different taste but not have to add to the prep time.

    • Pork butt was on sale for 99 cents a pound at the local grocery store and so I asked the meat department guy if those would work with this recipe and he said that pork butts were actually what the restaurants use for their shredded pork so you can use either pork loin or pork butt! Just thought I’d share!

  2. I usually use a Boston Butt roast for pulled pork. Kind of a gross name but I think it doesn’t dry out as much as a loin so I prefer it for this. I made this a couple nights ago and used the Kraft Honey (they were out of spicy honey). Tasty.

    • Thanks Diana! The butcher at Ridleys told me the same thing about the Boston Butt pork roast. They had them on sale for .99 a pound and I asked him if they would work for pulled port and he said that this cut is what all the barbeque restaurants use for their pulled pork so I bought a bunch for girls camp so we can have it for dinner one night.

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