Alien Oreos

I just finished working on a tv show called “9 Years to Neptune” about a bunch of puppets in space headed to Neptune. It will be on in the fall on BYUTV if you are curious about puppets in space. Here’s a link to the teaser if you are really curious! I wanted to make some special treats for the crew after months of hard work so I went Michaels to look around and when I saw these outer space candy molds, I was so excited! Might have even whooped out loud in the store. Here’s the how to if you want to give it a try.

1 bag turquoise Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables

1 bag lavender Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables

silicone molds

1 bag white Wilton Candy Melts

1 bag yellow Wilton Candy Melts

2 large packages Oreo cookies

1 Melt Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables according to package directions. Using a small spoon, fill each cavity of mold with melted chocolate and tap gently to release air bubbles. Place on a cookie sheet and place in fridge until solid to the touch.

2 Carefully remove candies from mold, touching as little as possible as handing them too much takes away their shine.

3 Melt Wilton Candy Melts according to package directions. Carefully dip Oreos into melted candy melts using a fork and then tapping gently to remove excess chocolate. Place carefully on wax paper or parchment paper and immediately place a molded candy on top of the Oreo so that they dry and set together.

Yield: about 80 candy topped cookies

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