Utah Taste Off – Churros and Fillings!

Our family had a lot of fun with this churro kit from Utah Taste Off! It came with 26 churros that you reheated in the oven and six different flavors of fillings to try plus a cinnamon and sugar mix to roll the churros in and also crushed Oreos to roll the Cookies and Cream filled churros in.

The churros came from San Diablo Artisan Churros.

The fillings came from

Fluffer Nutter from Among the Young

Cookies & Cream from Kailee Wright

Gingerbread Cookie Butter from Oh Sweet Basil

Raspberry Cream from The Manly Baker

Dark Chocolate from The Mighty Baker

Butter Beer from drewtifull

We loved the Raspberry Cream, the Dark Chocolate, and the Butter Beer!

If you haven’t tried Utah Taste Off yet, you are really missing out!

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