Utah Taste Off – Cookies!

We were all so excited to try the cookies that I forgot to take a picture of them so photo credit to Utah Taste Off for the lovely picture of those yummy cookies!

And another big thank you to Utah Taste Off for the fun night of cookie tasting! Here are the contenders, from top left to top right then bottom left to bottom right

Apple Pie Cookie from Goodly Cookies

Pumpkin Cookie from The Chocolate

Caramel Apple Cookie from The Dessert Studio

Reese’s Explosion Cookie from The Cookie Crave

Almond Sugar Cookie from Smart Cookie

Maple Buttercream Sugar Cookie from Utah Cakes and Sweets

My daughter and I loved the Reese’s Explosion Cookie but the hubs loved the Pumpkin Cookie. A close contender for me was also the Maple Buttercream Sugar Cookie. The cookie crowned winner by Utah Taste Off was the Almond Sugar Cookie.

Do yourselves a favor and give Utah Taste Off a try, you’ll love it!

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