Monster Oreo Pops

Monster Oreo Pops

Monster Oreo Pops

It doesn’t get much easier than this and everyone will be so impressed with you!

1 bag Wilton Orange Candy Melts

Halloween sprinkles

1 package Oreos

lollipop sticks

candy eyes

1  Melt candy melts according to package directions.  Pour sprinkles into a shallow bowl.

2  Carefully press a lollipop stick into each Oreo.  Dip into melted candy melts until covered, lift out and let excess candy melts drip back into bowl.

3  Press top of coated Oreo into sprinkles for hair.

4  Place coated Oreo on a piece of wax or parchment paper and place eyeball just under hairline.

5  Allow candy melts to set before removing from paper.

treat idea from So Yummy which you can find on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram



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