Vanilla Mousse in Chocolate Cups

Vanilla Mousse in Chocolate Cups

Vanilla Mousse in Chocolate Cups

One of my dear, sweet friends is having a baby girl soon and these were made for her baby shower this past weekend.  They were quite delicious, if I do say so myself and also quite easy to put together.

1 – 2 boxes (24 count each) premade chocolate cups

1 small box vanilla instant pudding mix

2 cups milk

1 (8 oz) tube Cool Whip, thawed

various sprinkles, toppings as desired

1  Unwrap chocolate cups from box carefully and place on serving tray.

2  Make pudding according to package directions using milk.  Allow to come to soft set as per package directions, about 5 minutes.  Fold Cool Whip into soft set pudding carefully.

3  Scoop or pipe mousse into chocolate cups and top with desired toppings.

4  Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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