Star Wars Kit Gift

Star Wars Kit Gift

This just makes me smile!  My daughter and I put together these kits as Father’s Day gifts for Bob and Jaren.  They are awesome, Bob loved his!  He even took a picture of it and put it on Facebook, he never puts anything on FB!  The idea comes from a blog called “Popsicle Blog”, we did them for Father’s Day but they would work for almost any occasion.  The Popsicle Blog lady made this awesome messenger bag to put all the goodies in but neither my daughter nor I have the skill set to accomplish such a thing but it was really cute.  So here’s what’s in it:

Yoda Soda & Droid Chips

Yoda Soda – a bottle or can of soda (in this case, Diet Coke)

Droid Chips – a can of Pringles

Jar Jar of Gungan Snacks, Vaderade & Wookie Cookies

Jar Jar of Gungan Snacks – any kind of snack (I used a jar that once had sunflower seeds in it and put some trail mix kind of snack in there)

Vaderade – Gatorade

Wookie Cookies – your choice of cookies (I used a can of those Pirouline cookies that you can find at the dollar store)

Jedi Lightsabers & Boba Gum

Jedi Lightsabers – I used red vines, she used chocolate dipped rod pretzels

Boba Gum – your choice of gum

Han's Rolos, Ewok Gummies & Leia's Buns

Han’s Rolos – bag of Rolos

Ewok Gummies – bag of gummy bears

Leia’s Buns – cinnamon buns


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