A Box of Sunshine Care Package

A Box of Sunshine

I don’t know about you guys but I am done with winter!  I’m tired of the cold and snow and rain and wind and just all of it!  So yesterday I decided to put together some care packages for some missionaries and I found this cute idea on Pinterest from a blog called “Happy Money Saver” so I decided to make some boxes of sunshine and send them out.  I baked up a couple of pans of treats (Lemon Magic Cake Bars and Lemon Cake Mix Bar Cookies with White Chocolate Chips, both of which you can find on the blog) and then hit the Dollar Tree for some sunshiny things like these:

A Box of Sunshine

I found some great yellow stuff – paper lanterns that light up, silly string, M&M’s, cupcake mix, biscuit mix, liquid soap, notepads, highlighters, pens, bubbles, candy, candles, post its, drink mix, it was fun and don’t you just love the dollar store?  So if you’re tired of winter and know someone else who is as well and might need a pick me up then how bout a box of sunshine or a gift bag of sunshine, so many possibilities!  Come on Summer!

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