“Blow Them Away” Gifts

Blow Them Away Gifts

Several of the girls from church have events this week such as a huge soccer game, a huge cross country meet and a huge concert and I wanted to let them know that I was thinking about them since I won’t be able to make it to most of these things so I checked out Pinterest and found this cute idea for a gift of encouragement and/or good luck.  I can’t give you a link to the original idea because it is one of those pins that is just a picture so here is the link to the picture so you can see the original idea, basically it’s a little gift full of things that blow!  🙂  Here is a closer look at what’s inside which I found all at the Dollar Store:

Blow Them Away Gifts

I started with a cute little white french fry container that I got from the Pick Your Plum website which has awesome daily deals and then from the dollar store I got Dubble Bubble gum balls, Charms Blow Pops, a butterfly party blower, a mini bottle of bubbles, a mini plastic harmonica and a mini plastic horn.  Then I just added a little sign on the front of the fry container, “Blow” the other team away! for the soccer game, “Blow” the competition away! for the cross country meet and You’re going to “Blow” them away! for the concert.  So cute and versatile!  Wishing all my girls lots of luck this week!

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