“Greenie” Care Package

Green Care Package

I’m starting to work on growing my blog a little bit more so you’ll see a few minor changes coming up here and one of those is that I’m going to expand the kinds of posts I do, so instead of mostly recipes I’m going to experiment with expanding to some more food related posts as well and this will be one of the first.  We’ll see how it goes!  This is a great idea for anyone you know who is trying something new – a job, college, school of any kind really, moving to a new place, whatever might make them a “greenie” at something, in this case it is for a newly called missionary for our church.  I saw this idea on Pinterest but can’t remember the original source to give credit and when I went back to look there are quite a few and I can’t remember which I saw first.  Basically it’s a care package full of green things for the “greenie” whatever!  So I started with some chocolate chip Cake Mix Bar Cookies (already on the blog) and just dyed them green to go along with my theme.  Then I hit the local dollar store for green stuff and here’s what I found:

Green Care Package

First the food items which are Boogers gummy candy, Mike and Ikes candy, animal crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, Certs, Lifesavers, Apple Jacks and little packs of drink mix.

Next the nonfood items which are scissors, chap stick, nail files, gel pen, highlighter, note pad, tissues, Qtips, bubbles, Goofy String, hand sanitizer, shower puff, water bottle, post its and big glasses.

Then all you need is  a box if you’re mailing it (which I am) or a cute green container if not:

Green Care Package

Too bad I didn’t have a green box!

Then all you need is a sign or note:

Green Care Package

And there you are, a “Greenie” care package for your favorite greenie whatever!

2 thoughts on ““Greenie” Care Package

  1. Why don’t you make these Care Packages to people with missionaries or let them order them from you and you send them. I know you have a lot of time on your hands. (just joking)

    • That is a great idea! Maybe when/if I decide I’ve had enough of the film thing, I could start that business but in the meantime if you have any missionaries entering the MTC and want me to do a green package for you, just let me know because you’re special you know! 🙂

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